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Friday 01 Aug 2014
Together We Cope



financial recoveryFinancial Recovery:
A free financial literacy workshop – August 20

Achieve peace of mind in your financial life. Together We Cope and First Midwest Bank offer a free financial literacy workshop at St. Julie’s church.
     Learn how to achieve financial stability, discover the skills needed to accomplish successful monthly budgeting, and explore the possibility of opening a checking or savings account with First Midwest Bank.
     FINANCIAL RECOVERY is an interactive workshop that will assist you in evaluating your current financial situation, developing a financial plan, establishing and under-standing banking relationships, implementing your plan, evaluating and adjusting your plan as needed and assist with giving you a better understanding of balancing your accounts to help keep you on track. This session will also assist in reviewing your credit report, building and/or repairing your credit and provide information on protecting yourself from identity theft and what to do if you are a victim of identity theft.


money-card-20Giving a mother time with her son
At 46, Marina has become the kind of health care professional who patients love. She has a skillful, compassionate touch that makes a huge difference to those who are sick or injured — people who are truly vulnerable. But one grate­ful patient accidentally cost Marina her job.
     The patient gave Marina a thank-you card, a kind gesture. Although Marina didn’t know it, the patient also had tucked $50 inside the envelope. The patient mentioned the gift to another hospital employee, and soon Marina was out of a job for violating the hos­pital’s ethics code, which prohibits staff from accepting gifts.
     Losing a job is always hard, but Marina faced an even tougher challenge at home. Her 29-year-old son, who had leukemia, was bedridden and very close to the end of his young life. Her 23-year-old daughter helped at home while also trying to find a job.


bosniaHelping an immigrant create a safe home
Moving to America from Bosnia, 30-year-old Eva was determined to build a better life for herself. In Wisconsin, she joined other Bosnian refugees who had begun to build a community. Eva found work and bought a car, made friends and started a relationship with a man, eventually moving in with him. But he became violent toward her, making her new American home unsta­ble and as dangerous as the one she had left behind. She fled, heading to Illinois where other Bosnians had relocated.
     Fortunately, she turned to the Crisis Center of South Suburbia where she found a much-needed safe haven. She also got help landing a new job at a bank and finding a place to live. But her strug­gle wasn’t over. She found that someone hacked into her checking account and withdrew $600. Shortly after discovering the loss, she learned her car insurance had lapsed because the bill had gone to her Wisconsin address. Driving to pay the bill, Eva was hit by another driver who had no insurance. She wasn’t in­jured, but her car was damaged. Her carrier dropped her.


bckpk143We’re getting ready for Back to School
Hundreds of generous people helped us revamp our annual Back to School program last year, and we’re looking for their support in the 2014 campaign that begins now.
     Donors provided funding last year for purchase of 1,300 pre-packed boxes of school supplies and new backpacks. It was a departure from the previous program format, in which we collected thousands of individual school supplies throughout the community and spent many hours bagging them by grade level, only to find we didn’t have the right number of items needed by students in each grade level. The new pre-packed boxes are ordered by grade level, ensuring children in our program get all the tools they need to have a successful school year.


helping-othersHelping those who help others
Like a lot of people who support Together We Cope, Bill and Dotty felt compelled to help those in need. But for this elderly couple, having a generous heart was one of the reasons they found themselves in serious financial need last fall when they turned to TWC for help.
      Bill, 80, and his 79-year-old wife, Dotty, had managed to live on a modest fixed income in the south suburbs for years, renting an apartment not just for themselves but also a disabled granddaughter and a son with mental health issues. Last October, hoping to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, they put down a $1,000 deposit at a banquet hall. When they realized they couldn’t afford it, they cancelled the event but lost the deposit.
Then Dotty became ill and needed to see her doctor. But his office wasn’t located on a bus line and the couple began renting a car so she could make her appointments, an expense that steadily piled up.
     When various scam artists targeted the couple, their financial trouble ballooned, and soon they were behind in rent by more than $1,000.


The Food Pantry Challenge


 Click the image above to download the recipes and click here to find out how to host your own food pantry challenge.


Case Management
The HUB provides residents of south suburban Cook County with information and referrals to job training and employment programs; food, clothing, and basic neeeds; disability services; benefits assistance; medical, legal, and professional services; homeless services; housing assistance; youth and senior services; and much more. The core partners of the HUB are Ford Heights Community Service Organization, Respond Now, South Suburban P.A.D.S., and Together We Cope. Contact the HUB at 708-966-9482 or  www.hubrelief.com


. . . to create and sustain health and human services excellence and enhance the nature and flow of resources to people in the Southland community.


South-Southwest Suburban United Way

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Together We Cope   •   17010 South Oak Park Avenue, Tinley Park, Illinois 60477   •   708-633-5040

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